Super Freak Out

Day one of my cleanse and I already have greater empathy for people with lifelong dietary restrictions. Seriously. I am willingly giving up diary, gluten, refined sugar and alcohol for the month of January; this self-imposed madness is called a cleanse and it’s to help kickstart my new year. (Although technically I’m only giving up alcohol for about two weeks and even that will be a stretch. I’ll be happy if I can hang in there for one!)

I had a freak-out-and-throw-shit moment reading food labels in the super market today. “There is wheat in this?” And the battle cry of all vegans: “Lactodexciose is both chemically based and derived from diary??” What the f**k can I eat? Cleanses are stupid.

Here’s how I’m (kinda) coping: breakfast is almond milk, brown rice cereal and fruit, snacks are almonds and vegan, gluten-free crackers, lunch is lentil soup and half an avocado, dinner is green salad and a vegan, vegetable-based “hamburger” patti with lettuce, tomato and avocado and for dessert, green tea, serenity and hunger. Kill me.

One day down and how many more to go??


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